Primary Logos

Emory’s consistent visual identity conveys the university’s primary identity and unifies its various affiliates.

Our brand strategy expresses a singular representation of Emory and all of its units by using a well-established and logically structured visual identity system that governs the use of the Emory logo. Creation and governance of the use of Emory’s names, logos, and trademarks are the responsibility of the Office of University Communications and Marketing brand team.

For more information about clear zones around Emory logos, see the Logo Use Standards page.

Emory University Logos

The Emory University logo can be reproduced in Emory Blue (PMS 280), black, and reverse white, and these variations are included in the download file sets. They also can be reproduced in metallic gold (PMS 871). The shield alone is not a complete Emory logo. Do not add other text or graphics to the shield to create a logo design. For more information, contact the brand team at

Download Emory University Logos

Vertical and One-Line Logo Configurations

Vertical Logos

The vertical logo variation can be used when space is limited or when the logo must be placed in a grouping of other logos.

Download Vertical Logo

One-Line Logos

The one-line logo variation provides flexibility for various design needs.

horizontal emory university logo

Download One-Line Logo

Emory Shield Logo

This logo for Emory community use. The Emory shield configuration is not approved for multi-institutional branding. It may not be altered and must have clear space equaling the width of two of the "M" in Emory. For more information about usage, please contact

Download Emory Shield Logo