Our Team


Luke Anderson

Vice President of Communications and Marketing

Camile Matthews

Operations Specialist

Academic Communications

Minnie Glymph, Assistant Vice President of Academic Communications

Enterprise Communications

Laura Douglas-Brown, Interim Assistant Vice President of Enterprise Communications

Susan Carini, Executive Director of Communications and Marketing

Carol Clark, Senior Science Communicator

Wendy Darling, Associate Director of Communications

Leigh DeLozier, Editor of Emory Report

Heitor De Paula, Social Media Specialist

Ruby Katz, Online Producer

John Mills, Senior Director of Online Communications

Roger Slavens, Managing Editor, Emory Magazine

Kelundra Smith, Senior Writer

Health Sciences Communications

Nikki Troxclair, Assistant Vice President of Health Sciences Communications

Janet Christenbury, EHC Director of Communications EUH-EUHM

Alexis Hauk, Associate Director of Communications, Emory Heart and Vascular Center

Brian Katzowitz, Senior Director of Health Communications and Media Relations

Jack Kearse, Director of Photography

Mary Loftus, Associate Director of Publications

Jennifer Johnson McEwen, Director of Communications, Emory Brain Health Center

Damon Meharg, Associate Director of Video Production

Martha Nolan, Associate Director of Publications

Rosemary Pitrone, Communications Coordinator

Internal Communications

Jasmine Hoffman, Assistant Vice President of Internal Communications

Emily Allman León, Director of Internal Communications

Laura Redfern, Director, Communications/Marketing Consulting


Jennifer Checkner, Executive Director of Content

Corey Broman-Fulks, Associate Director of Video/Multimedia

Tionna Carthon, Executive Director, Communications/Marketing Consulting

Laura Dengler, Senior Graphic Designer

Linda Dobson, Senior Graphic Designer

Hallie Edwards, Production Manager, Emory Photo/Video

Jennifer Etheredge, Lead Web Developer

Lisa Hagley, Front End Web Developer

Kay Hinton, Associate Director of Photography

Jane Howell, Director of Research and Content Strategy

Stacey Jones, Director of Research and Content Strategy

Elizabeth Hautau Karp, Senior Graphic Designer

Stanis Kodman, Associate Director of Creative Services

Amon Macbeth, Senior Web Designer

Stephen Nowland, Director of Digital Media

Lindsay Paroczai, Senior Technical Project Manager

Stuart Turner, Associate Director of Production

Peta Westmaas, Creative Director

Sarah Woods, Associate Director, Video/Multimedia

Media Relations

Danielle Williams, Assistant Director of Media Relations

University Communications

Laura Diamond, Assistant Vice President of University Communications

Rachel Smith, Assistant Director of University Communications