Web Guidelines

Communications and Marketing created these resources for campus website developers to serve as a guide when migrating, redesigning, or creating a website.

How to Create a Website

Whatever the school, division, office, or department at the university, Emory websites share two fundamental goals in publishing Emory websites—to communicate Emory's message about its vision and mission and to make it easy for online visitors to find the information they need on all university websites. To get started building a new website or migrating your current site into a new template, follow these steps.

Provision a Site

Emory websites are published using Hannon Hill's Cascade Server content management system. To have a new standard template site set up in Cascade, go to the Emory Office of Information Technology (IT) Web Hosting.

  • Under Make a Request, chose Web Hosting (Add, Move, Remove)
    • If you are migrating your current site, in the dropdown menu, choose Move current site to a new template.
    • If you are creating a new site, in the dropdown menu, choose Add site to a new template.

Request a Domain Name

By university policy, all domain names for Emory websites must be approved through the Domain Name Request process. Review guidelines and instructions for asking for a domain name.

Request a Site Map

Next put in a generic request on the Emory IT Web Hosting page (another dropdown choice) to obtain the site map for your current site. This is needed to create redirects for the new site and in planning the new site information architecture.

Use the Standard Template Documentation

When you are ready to build your site, refer to the extensive V3 Standard Template Documentation. It explains in detail how to make pages, blocks, and rows, and it explains how to make sure your site meets accessibility standards.


An Emory copyright is built in to every Emory website template. Learn more about our website copyright.

Useful Tools

As you build your site, follow Emory's brand and logo standards, and take advantage of resources including our website templates, editorial style guide, downloadable photography, and events calendar resources.