Merchandise Guidelines

The Emory name appears on a wide array of merchandise that comes from multiple entities with relationships to the university.

As such, guidelines have been created for use of the Emory name on merchandise inside the university (i.e., student groups, the alumni association, departments) and outside it (i.e., Barnes & Noble). Because of the wide reach of university-themed merchandise, approval must be given for any designs bearing the Emory name.

Please remember that a custom merchandise design should only be used for that product. Custom merchandise designs are not approved official Emory logos and should not serve as such. See Logo Use Standards for more information on official Emory logos.

General Merchandise

All submissions should include a mockup of the submitted design showing the placement and size of merchandise graphics and logos.

If you’re working through a vendor for a custom order, please include:

  • Vendor-supplied information for manufacture (i.e., color(s), embroidery, printing/embossing, or other product details)
  • Emory client name and contact information (preferably an Emory email address and phone number) and association with Emory
  • The entity ordering the merchandise (i.e., student organization, department, or club name)
  • Faculty adviser’s contact information for student organization orders (including name, Emory email address, department, and phone number)
  • Distribution—is this is for a giveaway? Fundraising?
  • Quantity ordered

Note: Emory community custom orders using Emory logos do not have to include a registration mark on the logo.

  • If logos external to Emory are used, the client is responsible for getting permission to use them and must supply contact information for the merchandise review.
  • Emory logos must not be combined with other graphic elements or other logos. One option is to place the Emory logo on one part of an item while the other logo appears on another part (i.e., the chest and the sleeve, respectively).
  • For retail use, Emory logos should include the registration mark or TM (where applicable). If an official wordmark is not used and the word Emory is a type treatment, it does not need a registration mark.
  • Do not create a type treatment with Emory-related wording in a font that resembles an official logo. It must look obviously different.
  • Do not alter an Emory logo by adding a horizontal or vertical rule, text, or graphics.
  • All vendor submissions must include distribution information and specific color information. Simply saying “school colors” is not sufficient, since the university colors are different from Emory Athletics and Emory Healthcare colors.
  • A school name must not be split from the Emory shield on merchandise.

Note: Trademarked Emory school logos and name use are reviewed by additional communications specialists within the university and may take longer for approval.

Rush Merchandise Guidelines for Vendors

We will do our best to accommodate rush needs regarding merchandise, but please know that the review process needs no less than a 24-hour turnaround and plan accordingly. The rush process includes the standard review outlined above.

We ask that vendors place the merchandise submission in Brand Manager 360, state the order is a rush, and email us about the rush accompanied by project information. 

There are no “rush turnaround” charges for Emory-branded custom merchandise rush review. The process will consist of merchandise review with a communication specialist and might include design changes per our logo use standards and a revised art review with the client.

As always, we will do our best to accommodate these rush needs, but please let your clients know the limitations of proposed rush work and that they should be available and prepared for review and possible changes.

Unapproved Merchandise Vendors Working with the Emory Community

  • All the general merchandise submission information, including the vendor name and contact information, must be supplied.
  • The proposed art mockup must be reviewed and approved. Include the vendor name and contact information (rep name and email address, company URL and address). Once approved, Emory Licensing will assist with a vendor approval letter.

Athletic Merchandise

Athletic merchandise submissions must be reviewed by the Athletics department.

  • Use of the Emory Eagles Shield logo is reserved for use by the department, and head coaches only. For more information contact Devon Hendricks at
  • For retail purposes, use of the Eaglehead + wordmark is preferred, but if the Emory Eaglehead mark is used by itself and not in conjunction with a wordmark, the name Emory must appear somewhere on the items.
  • Do not use a type treatment that resembles the Emory Eagles wordmark.

Emory Healthcare Merchandise

For information regarding Emory Healthcare–related merchandise, please email Mark Swilley at

Additional Information

Clear zone guidelines apply to all Emory-themed merchandise. Click on the links below for information about specific types of logos.

Preferred Vendors

Booker Promotions

Neil Kalnitz
Phone: 404.321.5511

Email Neil

Club Colors

Autumn Kwiatkowski
Phone: 847.592.6132

Email Autumn

FireSign Inc.

Jen Lyles
Phone: 678.575.2461

FireSign Website

Pinnacle Promotions

Staci Herchenbach
Phone: 470.592.5351

Email Staci
Pinnacle Website


Email one of the contacts below for merchandise review or additional questions.

Emory Branding

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Emory Healthcare Branding

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