Unit Logos

An Emory unit signature consists of a primary Emory logo paired with the official name of an Emory entity.

Unit signatures are primary Emory logos that are the official university-sanctioned identity for Emory entities, departments, institutes, centers, offices, laboratories, programs, and initiatives. Creation and governance of the use of Emory’s names, logos, and trademarks are the responsibility of the Office of University Communications and Marketing brand team.

University policy discourages the use of acronyms in official logos unless they are industry-known acronyms or initialisms such as AIDS or ALS, etc. This is only specific to logos and not messaging and communication materials. The one exception available for unit signature logos is to have the entity name spelled out, followed by the acronym, all at the same size, with the acronym below on a separate line.

To have an official logo full set created, please contact: emory.branding@emory.edu

Entity Logos

Entity logos—like these for Emory College of Arts and Sciences and Emory Law—use three configurations to create vertical (VT), square (SQ), horizontal (HZ), and horizontal-horizontal (HZHZ) unit logos, or signatures.

School-Level Department and Division Logos

The unit signature with a school-level logo combines the official name of an Emory entity stacked over the official name of its larger Emory entity, as seen here.