The Emory Brand

There’s a significant opportunity to harness Emory's collective power by centralizing, unifying, and communicating a brand narrative that accurately reflects what Emory has become and aspires to be.

Explore the Emory University Brand

Our brand is more than logos, colors, publications, or websites, it’s our mission. It’s how we show Emory as we know it to be. Our goal is to develop and articulate a compelling, distinctive, and authentic brand narrative for Emory, and its schools, units, and programs. These brand guidelines provide the necessary components to communicate the Emory brand.

Emory University Brand Guidelines

Quick Brand Guide

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Articulating Emory’s Brand

The brands of Emory’s schools and units connect directly to the Emory University brand while allowing for the flexibility to express their unique qualities and messaging. Each of these sub-brands, a few of which are featured below, is also connected to the Emory strategic framework, ensuring messaging is aligned across the university.