Multi-Institutional Branding

The Emory University community partners and collaborates with other academic institutions and companies on a variety of programs, research, resources, and events. These efforts create a unique branding need, and potential variations involve many nuances, identity standards, and legal issues. Therefore, multi-institutional branding is done in collaboration with the Emory Communications and Marketing branding team.

What Defines Multi-Institutional Branding?

Collaborations involving faculty or staff, departments, centers, or labs with faculty or staff, and departments at other institutions define most multi-institutional collaborations.

The above standards, as well as the following brand standards, should apply:

  • Collaborations include funding ongoing to schools, units, faculty, or staff creating Emory entities such as research projects, programs, centers, laboratories, and initiatives. As with all Emory entities, these are branded with a unit signature full set. Contact the Emory Communications and Marketing branding team at to collaborate on the creation of these official logos. Parent institution logos may appear on a website “About” page or an "About" slide in a presentation. The parent institution logos should not appear on a website landing page or in a footer. 
  • Unique logo designs for multi-institutional collaborations are not supported by logo use standards.
  • Brand representatives for all collaborating institutions should be consulted on the collaboration branding.

For additional details, contact the Emory Communications and Marketing branding team at

Branding for Events and Merchandise

  • In event promotion materials, parent institution logos may appear on the “About” page of a website at an equal distance, integrating clear-zone standards. All logos should be the same visual size and weight. Institution logos should not be combined or have added design elements such as vertical rules, blocks of color, etc.
  • Branded event merchandise, promotions, websites, etc. should be reviewed and approved by the brand representatives at all collaborating institutions.
  • Custom merchandise with the Emory name or Emory logos must follow the merchandise review process. Faculty or staff contact information is needed for ordering merchandise.
  • Visit the Event Graphics page for logo use standards regarding event graphics.

For specific details about event graphics, contact Emory Communications and Marketing at

For multi-institutional branding on a website “About” page, custom merchandise, promotional collateral, etc., the space around the Emory University primary logo should be at least two times the width of the “M” in the Emory wordmark, preferably more.

See Logo Use Standards


Contact one of the departments below with questions about logo guidelines.