Purchasing Stock Images, Fonts, and Illustrations

When purchasing stock images and fonts or hiring illustrators, keep these important guidelines in mind. Don’t assume because a photo, font, or illustration appears on an Emory website that you are free to use it.

What You Need to Know

The rules for purchasing stock images and fonts are similar. Emory suggests using open-source fonts and free images. Please check for rights and clearances before publishing.

If you are not using an open-source font or a free image, you must obtain permission to use them. The fonts used in Emory’s identity system require purchase. The costs and rights to license a font or image vary depending on the type of use. Make sure you know the restrictions around use when you purchase a font family, stock image, or illustration. Consider all the ways you might use an image or font in the future and purchase usage rights accordingly. Because Emory might be asked to verify its license to use a font or image at any time, you must keep easily accessible records of all your purchases into perpetuity.

Hiring an Illustrator

When you are hiring an illustrator, use this Illustrator Services Agreement, which has been written by the Office of the General Counsel. This provides guidelines for use of the illustration. If you will use the illustration in a different way than agreed upon, you will need to go back to the illustrator and renegotiate the terms of the agreement. If you have hired an illustrator, it is your responsibility to make sure the terms of the agreement are current.


Keep a copy of your contract and/or purchasing agreement centrally located so it can be accessible in perpetuity.