The athletics brand elements of Emory University, including Swoop art, have specific guidelines for their use.

Emory Eagles and Swoop

Swoop art is part of the athletic identity system that recognizes Emory’s sports mascot. The campus Barnes & Noble bookstore provides a selection of merchandise featuring Swoop and a variety of official athletic marks. For Swoop art used within the Emory community, the registration and trademark symbols are not needed. The official Swoop art should not be altered, modified, or distorted.

For official Emory logo inquiries, including the main Emory Eagles and varsity logos, contact Devon Hendricks at For Emory club and departmental/program logos, contact April Flint at For Emory Oxford athletic logos, contact Jose Cueva at

Clear Zone Guidelines

Similar to other university logos, athletic logos have clear zone guidelines. In the examples below, the athletic shield logo (A) should have a minimum clear zone of no less than three times the width of the “E” in Emory—preferably the width of the shield; the Emory Eagles wordmark (B) should have a minimum clear zone of no less than the width of two of the “E” in Emory, preferably more; and the Eagle head (C) should have a minimum clear zone of the width of the head, preferably more. The Eagle E wordmark has been retired by Emory Athletics and is in use in the Oxford College athletic identity system only. 

clear zones explanation for athletics logos

Eagles Athletic Logos

The athletic identity systems for Emory and Oxford:

blue and gold emory athletic logos with and without shield for Oxford CollegeEagles

Download Emory Eagle head logo

Download Emory Eagles wordmark

Oxford College Athletic Logos

three versions of Oxford Emory athletic logos in blue, gold, gray, and white

Athletic Department Handbooks

Emory University Athletics on both the Atlanta and Oxford campuses have guidelines regarding the use of athletic logos, marks, and taglines. Learn more in these handbooks.

Swoop Logos

The Swoop image should have a minimum clear zone the width of one Swoop.

image showing Swoop mascot with clear zone guidance
swoop logos to download

Download Swoop Logos


Contact one of the departments below with questions about logo guidelines.