Emory Identity and Messaging

Marketing and communication to audiences for Emory programs, initiatives, and events should consist of these fundamental elements: an Emory, school-level, or unit logo; visual messaging; and content.

Emory’s visual identity (logo) system aligns Emory schools, units, centers, and programs with Emory University and establishes them as part of Emory. A cohesive visual identity eliminates the possibility of diluting and diminishing the Emory brand, which benefits no one. Creation and use of Emory logos are the responsibility of the Office of Communications and Marketing brand team. However, you are free to create the visual messaging and content that supports your initiative or programming and is used in conjunction with Emory’s logo identity system.

How to Use Both

What is Messaging?

Messaging is the design that supports ideas communicated to audiences. It can include words, content, stories, or an acronym but not your entity’s official, university-approved name.

Messaging Examples

The following examples demonstrate how Emory’s visual identity and messaging are combined to create promotions for programs, events, and initiatives that stand with Emory primary, school-level, and unit logos. They show typical use in digital formats, print materials, and garments and the multiple ways the Emory logo can appear along with them.

In your messaging, do not use a type treatment with Emory-related wording in a font that resembles an official logo. It must look obviously different. The shield alone is not a complete Emory logo. Do not add other text or graphics to the shield to create a logo design.

School Messaging

Emory’s colleges and schools use messaging on their websites and elsewhere to highlight their values, programs, and priorities. The accompanying Emory logo highlights their connection to the values and mission of larger Emory University and their role within.

Emory Ombuds Office

Program Messaging

The vibrant and bright colors making up the type treatment for the Student Flourishing initiative are meant to capture the essence and energy of student spirit, with the accompanying starburst graphics representing how students excel and thrive at Emory.

student flourishing graphics

Oxford Organic Farm

The foundational elements of design and content for the Oxford College Organic Farm bring visual messaging, content, and Emory branding together in the farm’s promotional materials.

Student Digital Life

Digital Stories

Using Event Graphics

An event graphic promotes a one-time or recurring event. While its design conveys and represents the event, it cannot resemble or incorporate an Emory logo. Rather, the Emory logo is included as another messaging element. 

Event Graphic Example

Learn More about Event Graphics

Multi-Institutional Collaborations and Events

Collaborations between Emory programs, units, and schools with outside partners should follow the logo use standards for multi-institutional branding.

Additional Resources

Find standards for Emory logo use including clear zones and do’s and don’ts for primary, school-level, and unit signatures as well as the steps for creating T-shirts and other licensed merchandise bearing the Emory brand.