Co-Branding Standards

The Emory University community collaborates on a variety of programs, research, events, and conferences that create the need for co-branding with other Emory units and schools. While co-branding guidelines follow those for general logo use, the following are some typical ways co-branding appears.


school cobranding example
Use two school-level logos or unit signature configurations:

  • Guidelines recommend using no more than two logos. Otherwise, use an Emory University logo and list the names of schools and/or entities.
  • The two logos must be separated by a clear zone and not combined with rules, boxes, graphics, etc.
See the logo use standards page for additional information. 

event cobranding examples
Event graphics and messaging with co-branding:

  • Use plain text for the school or unit combined with event promotion graphics and/or wording, along with a clear zone and a primary Emory or Emory University logo
  • Use event promotion graphics and content along with an Emory University logo and appropriate clear zone.
  • Use Emory wording (a type treatment that does not resemble an Emory logo) for the schools or entities to combine with the event promotion, plus an Emory primary logo in the header or footer.

Learn more about event graphics and messaging.

cobranding with schools listed
List school or unit names with clear zone and Emory University logo:

Examples of use include:

  • In the footer of a website or eblast
  • In collateral materials such as a poster or merchandise submission design
  • In event promotion
  • In grant submission documentation

Learn more about clear zones.

Co-Branding Don’ts

logo examples of what not to do
This is by no means an exhaustive list:

  • Do not combine Emory logos
  • Do not alter and combine Emory logos
  • Do not combine parts of Emory logos or use type treatments that resemble Emory logos
  • Do not combine the Emory shield with text or graphics


Contact one of the departments below with questions about logo guidelines.