Submitting Files to Emory's YouTube Channel

Step 1: Send Emory Marketing Your Video

Send Emory Marketing your video (under 2 GB) via the free service WeTransfer. If your video is over 2 GB, email to coordinate a time to bring your hard drive to our offices (we look forward to seeing your feature-length documentary).

Step 2: Send Emory Marketing Your Video Details

Send an email to University Marketing listing the video's title, description, and key words, which should be edited to meet the guidelines below.

  • Title: This should be no longer than five to seven words describing the content, not the speaker (unless it's a well-known person such as His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama or Booker Prize–winning novelist Sir Salman Rushdie). Do not use internal-Emory acronyms or terms.
  • Description: Have fun! Include the relative date [March 2009] and an Emory web page to link back to (for example: For more information, visit
  • Key words: List both internal and external descriptive words, names and items referenced.

Step 3: Contact a YouTube Administrator

For inclusion on the Emory YouTube Channel, you must submit your video file to one of the YouTube admins:

  • University, available to the entire University
  • Emory Photo/Video: Handles uploading of projects to YouTube for clients
  • Health Sciences: Wendy Darling, available for Woodruff Health Science Center projects
  • Emory College of Arts and Sciences: Brian Williams, available for Emory College projects