Submitting Files to Emory's YouTube Channel

Step 1: Share Your Video

Most videos are too large to send via email. To get your video to us, you may upload your video file to OneDrive, then allow access to the file or folder for "everyone at Emory with the link." Alternatively, you may also share the file or folder with the "C&M Enterprise Communications" group in Teams.

Step 2: Send Your Video Details to Us

Send an email to Emory University Communications and Marketing at Include the link to your file, the video title, description, and key words. Please observe these guidelines:

  • Title: This should be no longer than five to seven words describing the content, not the speaker (unless it's a well-known public figure such as His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama or Booker Prize–winning novelist Sir Salman Rushdie). Do not use internal-Emory acronyms or terms.
  • Description: Have fun! Include the date of the event in the video, or the relative date the video was released or produced [e.g., "March 2022"]. Whenever possible, include an Emory web page to link back to (for example: For more information, visit
  • Key words: List both internal and external descriptive words, names and items referenced.

YouTube Channel Administrators

  • University
  • Emory Photo/Video: Handles uploading of projects to YouTube for clients
  • Emory College of Arts and Sciences: Brian Williams, available for Emory College projects