Overall Project Guidelines

All final videos should be added to the Emory University YouTube Channel. Do not use sites like Vimeo, your personal YouTube account, or other similar video sharing websites to host Emory videos.

All actors, interviewees, and other individuals clearly visible should sign a release permitting the University to use their image and voice in video and/or audio recordings. Forms must be signed and mailed (interoffice mail) or faxed (404-727-3750) to University Communications to become part of the comprehensive database. Get the University release forms here:

Copyright information for photos, graphics, and music must be clearly identified by source. If permission has not be acquired, then materials cannot be used. Also be sure to check that there is no copyrighted audio or video used by those featured in your audio or video multimedia. Presenters often use slides of copyrighted images or maps that are fine for educational use, but not for promotional use.

  • Audio and video quality should be consistent throughout the length of the project.
  • Audio and video should be free of fuzziness, distortion, blurriness, interruptions, mismatches, etc.