For omission: Use to indicate any omission from within a quoted passage. Three dots—beginning with a space, and with an additional space after each dot—indicate an omission within a sentence or between the first and last words of a quoted fragment.

Spacing of ellipses: If the words preceding an ellipsis constitute a grammatically complete sentence, place a period at the end of the sentence, add a space, and then add the three dots, with spaces in between them.

  • The spirit of our American radicalism is destructive and aimless. . . . On the other side, the conservative party . . . is timid and merely defensive of property. . . . It does not build, nor write, nor cherish the arts, nor foster religion, nor establish schools.

Important: Unless you have a clearly defensible reason, don't use an ellipsis as a “trailing off” end to a phrase or sentence.