School Names

Emory has nine schools of undergraduate, graduate, and professional education. When all schools are listed, they should appear by date of founding or alphabetically. Except for internal publications, the formal name of the school should appear on first reference.

First, Second, and Internal/Informal References

  • Emory University, Emory, the university
  • Emory College of Arts and Sciences, Emory College, the college
  • Oxford College of Emory University, Oxford College, Oxford, the college
  • Emory University School of Medicine, Emory School of Medicine, School of Medicine, medical school
  • Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, School of Nursing, nursing school
  • Candler School of Theology (Note: No the precedes Candler School of Theology.), School of Theology, Candler, theology school
  • Emory University School of Law, School of Law, Emory Law, law school
  • Goizueta Business School (Note: No the precedes Goizueta Business School.), Goizueta, business school
  • James T. Laney School of Graduate Studies, Laney Graduate School, the graduate school
  • Rollins School of Public Health, RSPH (internal), School of Public Health (Note: Never use public health school.)