names of businesses

Check with the business itself or a reference librarian to make sure you have the exact spelling.

The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Air Lines, Georgia-Pacific, BellSouth, Emory Healthcare, EY, The Home Depot 

Lowercase the when it appears before a company name in running text:

We went to a lecture at the Carter Center.

Rose is a patient at the Emory Clinic.

BUT Atlanta is home to The Coca-Cola Company.

names of people (Jr., III)

> See: comma ( Punctuation Particulars)

nationality and race

Capitalize the proper names of nationalities, peoples, races, and tribes: Jewish, French, Hispanic, Latinx, Eskimo, Cherokee, African American, Asian. Capitalize Native American.

According to CMS, proper nouns designating race that are open as nouns (e.g., African American, Native American, Asian American) are also open as adjectives.

Lowercase distinctions of color:  black, white; but keep in mind that African American is preferred to black as a designator of race.

Current consensus on the use of Native American or American Indian is that either is preferable when referring to the collective body of indigenous Americans. However, when referring to individuals, a tribal designation is preferred.

The gender-neutral term Latinx is increasingly used in academia and on social media. ( See an explanation of its evolution here. Emory's Office of Undergraduate Admission prefers the use this term.)

A North Dakota American Indian tribe no longer wants fiberglass-based pipelines on its reservation after recent spills. (Nativetimes.com)

Cherokee citizen Bryan Rice has been tapped to lead the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which serves 567 tribal communities.

> See also: African American, Latinx/Latino/a

NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)

When you mention the divisions of this group, capitalize division and use a roman numeral.

NCAA Division III

newspaper names

To follow CMS practice in terms of capitalizing and italicizing, consider these examples:

She reads the  Sun-Times every weekday morning, and she gets the  New York Times every Sunday.
Have you read the latest issue of the  Wheel?

> See also: magazine names | titles of works


Compounds using non are generally closed. Follow CMS rules for when to use a hyphen with  non. When in doubt, consult Merriam-Webster's for an extensive list.

nonmajor, nontraditional, nonaesthetic, non–American

nondiscrimination statement

Like the accreditation statement, the nondiscrimination statement must appear prominently in all university  publications that are made available to students, employees, applicants, program participants, and the general public. The nondiscrimination statement must be printed verbatim in its long, medium, or short form, depending on space. You can find all three versions of the statement and additional information on the Office of Equity and Inclusion website.


None uses a singular verb:

We kept working until 9:00 p.m., and none (i.e., not a single one) of us was resentful.
None of the students (i.e., not a single one) has any desire to transfer.

nonprofit (adj.)


A simple, substantial word, much preferred to more cumbersome constructions.

> See also: currently | presently | point in time


We recommend spelling out whole numbers and ordinal numbers from one through nine and using numerals thereafter.The fire department says 14 people were rescued from the blaze.
For ages, use numbers for ages 10 and above.Mary has a 14-year old daughter. He is four years old.
Use a comma in numbers of 1,000 or more (unless you're reporting SAT scores, which take no commas).Her essay summarizes 2,000 years of Christian history; She felt lucky to get a 1400 on the SAT.
Where numbers occurring in a sentence represent a combination—some less than 10, some more—all should be expressed as numerals, except in cases in which the number falls at the beginning of a sentence.Although her brother was 14 and she was only 8, Ramona couldn't believe his judgment was superior to hers.
Use numbers to designate position or rank.Grady Hospital is a level 1 trauma center. The men's tennis team at Oxford College ranked No. 1 in 2009. type 2 diabetes, stage 4 breast cancer, phase 1 clinical trial
Spell out a number at the beginning of a sentence, regardless of the inconsistencies this may create. If your sentence then seems too cumbersome, rearrange the sentence so that the number falls later.Fourteen men and 12 women traveled to the swim meet. OR There were 14 men and 12 women at the swim meet.
For references to money, no zeros should be used for sums higher than six figures.$1 million NOT $1,000,000 See also: money
Spell out cents under 10.Five cents, 20 cents
Do not use decimals for whole amounts of money.$50 NOT $50.00; $2.4 million to $2.8 million
When there is a sequence assigned to forming names, use numerals and do not use superscript for ordinal numbers.1st ward; 7th fleet
Spell out first through ninth if indicating sequence or time or location.Eighth Amendment first base
When numbers are used as a modifier or in measurements, use figures.8-watt bulb, 10 square feet, size 6 dress, 40 miles per hour. Ratios are always rendered as numbers. Statistics say that 1 in 3 people like fish.
Emory style dictates that telephone numbers be rendered with periods instead of hyphens. Phone numbers rendered on the web are the exception.404.727.2000
For percentages, use numerals followed by the word percent.The state tax is 5 percent. Only 30 percent of the class passed the exam. Exception: In scientific, clinical, and statistical writing and in tables or charts where space is tight, use the percent (%) sign. See also: ranges and ratio