Emory Winship Magazine communicates our stories of discovery, research, and patient care.

Winship Magazine is published twice a year in the spring and fall. Print copies are distributed to 30,000 patients, caregivers, and staff as well as leaders in the city, state, and the professional cancer care and research community.


Emory Winship Magazine at a Glance

In each issue

In Winship Magazine, you'll find in-depth features that spotlight the very latest efforts in preventing and treating cancer. The magazine provides a close-up look at how our clinicians and investigators take innovative cancer research from the lab bench to the patient bedside.

Editorial purpose

Winship Magazine is the definitive source for news at Georgia's only National Cancer Institute–designated cancer center. We document achievements at our institute that showcase the very best of what Winship has to offer the community, state, and region.

Design strategy

Winship Magazine's design is driven by compelling photos and illustrations that help the reader better understand the complicated topics associated with cancer research and treatment.

Digital accessibility

Current and archived issues of Winship Magazine are available online, along with extra content that is unique to digital readers.

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