Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

We developed a brand concept for Emory's strategic plan, Where Courageous Inquiry Leads, executing it in a video and website to expand the current brand, include the diverse constituencies on campus, and inform and excite our internal audience.

Brand Concept Development

The brand concept centers on the innovative use of a plus symbol, which initially connects the ideas Thinking + Acting Strategically. The use of the plus sign is extended throughout the website and video to connect ideas and images, and when it's rotated 45 degrees, it becomes an arrow that directs the viewer and expands and emphasizes content.


We designed the video around the brand concept, using the plus sign and arrows throughout. The plus and arrows highlight and emphasize content, direct the viewer, and symbolize the inclusive quality of our community and the interdisciplinary, collaborative nature of our University.

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Digital Strategy and Design

We designed the website based on the brand concept, and organized it to seamlessly display both public and private information. The site uses dynamic elements to attractively display interactive functionality like survey responses.