Emory Integrity Project

Emory Integrity Project

We developed a brand concept to promote the Emory Integrity Project, and we expressed it in a website and print collateral to inform the campus and promote engagement in the project.

Brand Development

We build the brand concept using graphic elements designed to provoke curiosity and compel the viewer to find out more. Copy blocks using words inspired by integrity, images of close-cropped faces, and commands are employed to create tension and challenge the viewer to action.

Digital Expression

We created a website to kick-off the project, targeted primarily to an internal audience. Featuring coming events and a social media feed, the site also includes the student perspective through quotes and videos, with the goals of sharing information, promoting discussion, and engaging students.

See the Website

Print Expression

We applied the brand concept to print pieces including a brochure, a bookmark to promote the common read, and ads to encourage students to get involved.