The Emory University stationery is a comprehensive system that plays an important part in establishing Emory's brand.

An institution that is as large and varied as Emory requires a consistent visual identity that unifies its various affiliates. Emory’s current standards, which have been in use since 1999, reinforce the unique character and quality of each academic and administrative unit, while simultaneously making it clear that Emory stands behind each of them.

Faculty and Staff Stationery

The stationery for faculty and staff incorporates the Emory University logo or school-level logo (example A), identity type and color, and is printed on sustainable paper. Content includes the faculty or staff name, title, and contact information on standard stationery as well as unit stationery (example B).

Image examples of stationary for faculty and staff with the Emory University logo

Student Stationery

There is also a template for students. This template integrates the unit signature configuration of the school-level logos, identity type and color, and is printed on sustainable paper. The content includes the student’s name, contact information, school name, and the type of degree candidate or year of graduation. 

Examples of student stationery can be found on the Official Student Organizations page. 

Approved Vendor

Our approved vendor maintains continuity in design, carries sustainable paper, and offers extensive institutional knowledge for clients who may be new to ordering stationery. They can create both a printed stationery and a digital letterhead. 

To contact Alpha Graphics either access Emory Express or call 770.953.2424.