Email Headers and Footers

These header and footer images are sized for Contact Monkey and Salesforce emails.

Downloaded jpeg files include both versions. Contact Monkey headers and footers are 200 x 7505 pixels. Salesforce headers and footers are 500 x 1005 pixels. 


Clock Tower Header

banner with clock tower luminated by sunlight through trees, emory logo against blue background on left

Download clock tower header

Emory Gate Header

Haygood-Hopkins gate against bright blue sky, emory logo against blue background on left

Download gate header

Emory Lamp Header

detail of lamp atop Haygood-Hopkins gate with one-line university logo

Download lamp header

Emory Wall Header

wall at emory entrance with blurred bicyclist riding in front of it

Download wall header

Convocation Hall Header

detail of caps of columns on Glenn Church

Download Convocation Hall header


Grid Footer

email footer with logo against blue grid background

Download grid footer

Plain Footer

plain blue email footer with logo

Download plain footer