Let us tell your most compelling story.

Whether you need dynamic stills and video to capture an event, portraits of your faculty and staff, or multimedia visuals to take your integrated communications strategy to the next level, our expert photographers and videographers craft the iconography of Emory that records, promotes, and inspires.

Rates and Budgeting

From photography and videography to animation and editing, we'll take care of all your photo/video needs.

Environmental / Location Photography

$320 for 1st hour

$200 for each additional hour

$350 first hour after hours

$240 each additional hour after hours

Event Photography

$290 first hour

$170 each additional hour

$310 first hour after hours

$190 each additional hour after hours

Studio Photography

$215 one person

$300 first hour (two or more people)

$170 each additional hour

Videography Pre-production

$95 per hour

$750 per day

Videography Production

$400 per hour

$950 half day

$1750 full day

Video Editing or Motion Graphics

$95 per hour

Prepare to Work with Us

Describe your audience

Who is this project for?

Consider the impact

What adjectives should people use to describe the final photos or video?

Identify takeaways

What should the audience take away from the work?

Choose your format

Will your photos or video be used on the web? In print materials?

Define budget and timeline

How much can you spend, and when do you need it?

Confirm the details

Share any specific guidelines that we need to follow, such as gaining permissions or portraying safety protocols.

We’d love to hear about your project

Contact Hallie Edwards at or 404-727-6227.

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