Editorial Services

We know that strong, effective messaging is the cornerstone of promoting your area successfully.

Ours is a cross-cutting team experienced across digital and print platforms with expertise in brand development. We are polished writers, skilled interviewers, and careful editors. Four times a year, we produce content for the university’s flagship magazine on the web and in print. For clients across the university, we write and edit for print, web, and social. We can consult on content strategy before you undertake significant projects—e.g., a website, e-newsletter, viewbook, or annual report—then we’ll carry out your vision. In addition, we work with schools and units across the university to develop and refine their sub-brands for print and digital platforms. If you need a refresh of your existing materials, assistance with a discrete project, or expertise establishing a sub-brand, call on us. We’ll tell your stories in ways that inform and inspire your audiences to action.

Prepare to Work with Us

Gather content

Pull together either your copy or an outline for us to follow as we write.

Define your audience

Who is this piece for?

Choose your call to action

What do you want your reader to do? How should they feel?

Check out the competition

Are there samples of this sort of work being done well by someone else?

Plan your visuals

How will visuals reinforce your messaging?

Contact us

Laura Redfern, who handles client services (404-727-9495 or lredfe2@emory.edu), will get your project started.

Our Administrative Fee

Communications and Marketing charges an administrative fee for editorial and creative services work. This fee covers items such as press checks, font licensing, design software, and high-end printer expenses incurred for our clients. (See below for costs by project type.) When you share your SpeedType with us at the start of a project, please make your business manager aware of this fee, so there are no surprises. Administrative fees will be charged on a quarterly basis.

Regular administrative fee


For single projects with a simple to moderate scope

Multipage administrative fee


For complex projects such as viewbooks and annual reports

Campaign administrative fee


For multiple projects initiated at the same time

Change fee


For when a client adds an extra proof to an agreed-upon schedule

We’d love to hear about your project

Contact Susan Carini at susan.carini@emory.edu or 404-727-7816.

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