Visual and Editorial Guidelines

The Emory University brand stands for academic excellence, quality health care, and ground-breaking research.

The symbol of these attributes is the comprehensive identity architecture for the University. Implemented through our logos, editorial style, typography, and identity colors, the visual and editorial identity conveys the character and quality of Emory.

Logo Use

A guide for using the Emory logo system. Creation and governance of the use of Emory’s names, logos, and trademarks are the responsibility of the Office of University Communications and Public Affairs.

Editorial Style

As a service to the University community, we have created an in-house reference manual for editorial style and usage questions. 


Our identity font families contribute to the communications that establish a recognition of the Emory brand.


Emory's identity colors consist of primary and secondary palettes, which add consistency to the visual communications representing the Emory brand.


A guide for creating and maintaining a website at Emory.

Video and Audio

A guide for creating video and audio at Emory.

Social Media

Information for creating and maintaining social media accounts at Emory.


A guide for creating stationery at Emory.

Questions about guidelines?

If you have questions about guidelines for using Emory University logos, logos for schools/units in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center, or Emory Healthcare logos, please contact one of the departments below: