Emory Research Advocacy Network

The Emory Research Advocacy Network (ERAN) seeks to assist the Office of Government and Community Affairs (OGCA) build and maintain support for:

1) strong and consistent funding for our federal and state research agencies,

2) the integrity of the peer review process, and

3) reallocation of compliance costs (reforming our regulatory system). 

Central to Emory’s tri-partite mission, research is an issue that has impact across our entire institution, and has bipartisan support at the federal and state levels.

Advocate for Emory

The Emory Research Advocacy Network is a grassroots effort, engaging our alumni, students, patients, staff, and neighbors.  The OGCA recognizes the importance of building, and guiding, our community’s support for research.  Please join our efforts in support of ground-breaking research and the next generation of scientists.  Georgia’s research enterprise is dependent on our collective efforts!  Sign up to learn of the specific ways you can help us advocate.

Tips for Advocacy

Once you join the Emory Research Advocacy Network, you can use the following tips and tools as a way to be an effective advocate for research on behalf of Emory.  Our Research Advocacy Tip Sheet provides practical advice you can use in visiting with elected officials and staff.  Our Toolkit provides you with the talking points you can use in advocating for Emory and can also be left behind after your meeting as a way to reinforce your pitch for research.

More Information

Impact of NIH Research

National Institutes of Health is the largest public funder of biomedical research in the world. Visit their site to learn more about the NIH impact.

University Research by the Numbers

This infographic by the American Association of Universities shows AAU members impact on research in the U.S.

How to Measure Progress

Read "Capturing Impact: A Method for Measuring Progress" from the NIH's Office of Science Policy.

Life Sciences Research at Emory

Facts and figures about Emory's broad research portfolio, and its economic impact on the state of Georgia.

Winship Cancer Institute

The "Moonshot for a Cancer Cure" initiative has shone a spotlight on cancer research. The Winship Cancer Institute at Emory is Georgia's only National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated cancer center.

Types of Cancer Research

This infographic from the National Cancer Institute breaks down the four broad categories of cancer research.

Basic Research Led to Lifesaving Medical Advances

Continued investment by the National Institutes of Health lays the groundwork for improved health and saving lives.

Research Funding

Researchers at Emory University received $574.6 million from external funding agencies in fiscal year 2016.

Vaccines Today: Faster Than Ever

Sustained funding for vaccines is crucial in the global response to new viruses.

Research News

Questions about Research Advocacy?

Contact Emily Fisher at emily.fisher@emory.edu or 404-727-4343.

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