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Emory’s primary visual identity consists of the Emory wordmark and shield. The shield includes a crossed torch and trumpet representing light and the dissemination of knowledge. These symbolize the university’s two functions: to discover and proclaim knowledge. There are two university seals—the president’s seal and the Emory seal. Both are encircled by the university’s motto, Cor prudentis possidebit scientiam (“The wise heart seeks knowledge”), which was first used by Emory in 1890.

Emory University horizontal logo

The shield became a consistent part of Emory’s graphic identity system in 1999. The notch at its upper right corner is an orthogonal rendering of a ribbon folded over, representing in two dimensions a three-dimensional shield.

The brand strategy consists of a heirarchy of primary logos that consists of Emory University, the school-level logos, and unit signatures. The Oxford College, Emory College of Arts and Sciences, and Emory Rollins School of Public Health shown here to the right are examples of school-level logos.




Emory logos  

 Emory and Emory University logos 

—Various Emory logo configurations

Emory school-level logo downloads 

 —Access Emory school logos and more information about logo files

Emory logo use guidelines 

 —How to use the Emory visual identity system

University unit signatures/logo full sets

 —Unit signatures and how to acquire them

University and President’s seal 

 —The difference between the university and president’s seals

Athletic logos

 —A variety of athletic logos

We Are Emory Eagle logos

       —Logos representing Emory’s community mascot, the Emory Eagles

Emory Heathcare identity system

—An introduction to the Emory Healthcare identity system

Dooley logos 

—Official Dooley artwork

Emory Alumni Association I'm In sub-brand

—An introduction to the I'm In sub-brand



Visual brand application and resources 


Emory identity colors

—The pallet of identity colors and configurations

Emory logos in metallic gold

—Guidelines for reproducing Emory logos in metallic gold

Emory identity fonts

—The collection of Emory identity fonts

Editorial style guide

—An introduction to Emory’s editorial style guidelines

Emory stationery (print and digital)

—Emory stationery for faculty/staff and students

Event graphics

—Guidelines on creating Emory event graphics

Graphic design elements

—Information about visual messaging and the Emory identity

Student organization graphics

—Guidelines for creating official student organization graphics

Online web guide

—Information about Emory’s website guidelines

Emory blogs and e-publications

—Guidelines and resources for creating Emory blogs and e-publications

Emory iTunes U

—Guidelines for creating libraries in Emory iTunesU

Emory apps

—Guidelines for branding Emory apps

Multi-institutional collaborations and partnerships

—Guidelines for creating visual identities with and for Emory-affiliated institutions

Co-branding Emory entity collaborations

—Guidelines for branding Emory collaborations


—An overview of Emory trademark licensing




Communication Services

Development Communications

—An introduction to Development Communications

Emory Creative Services

—Website to Emory Creative Services

Emory Healthcare Marketing Services

—An introduction to Emory Healthcare Marketing Services

Health Sciences Creative Services

—An introduction to Emory Health Sciences Creative Services

Planning, Design, and Construction

—Introduction to environmental graphics and signage

Office of University Events

—Website to University Events

Emory Photo/Video

—Website to Emory's photography and video servicesspacerspacer



The guidelines that follow apply to wordmarks, color usage, type, and the context of use associated with the Emory brand. They represent a cohesive standards system that unifies the Emory identity while still allowing for graphic distinction among various schools, centers, and major programs.

The establishment of a web design policy in June 2009 and the subsequent rollout of a standard web template for school and departmental “brochure-ware” sites has moved Emory substantially toward the goal of a more consistent and cohesive web presence for our externally facing websites. Consistent with the policy is the use of a banner treatment that uses official unit signatures for the standard web template masthead to create a unified and recognizable online visual identity for Emory University.


Emory logos

learn about logos phase 2

learn about guidelines phase 2