Co-branding Emory Schools and Units

The Emory University community collaborates on a variety of programs, research, events and conferences that create the need for co-branding with other Emory units and schools.

Co-branding guidelines follow those for general logo use.

  • Add space around all sides of the logo to measure more than the width of two of the "M" in the Emory wordmark
  • Don’t modify, distort or alter the logos
  • Don’t combine the logos with a horizontal or vertical rule
  • Don’t combine the logos with words, tags or other graphic design elements
  • The Emory University, school-level logos, and unit signatures/logo full sets reproduce in Emory PMS 280 blue, black and reverse white
  • Consider using the Emory University logo only and a list of the names of the collaborating Emory departments or programs

Co-branding examples


Examples that alter the logos and should be avoided

Altered Co-Branding