Unit Logos

An Emory unit signature consists of a primary Emory logo paired with the official name of an Emory entity.

Unit signatures are primary Emory logos that are the official University-sanctioned identity for Emory divisions, departments, institutes, centers, offices, laboratories, programs, and initiatives. Creation and governance of the use of Emory’s names, logos, and trademarks are the responsibility of the Office of University Communications and Public Affairs.

To have an official logo full set created, please contact emory.branding@emory.edu.

University-Level Logo

University-level logos use two logo full-set versions—standard and stacked—and create horizontal, square and vertical logo configurations.


School-Level Department Logo

School-level department logos—like these for the School of Medicine—use two logo configurations and create horizontal, square, and vertical logo configurations for the unit signatures.

School-Level Department and Division Logo

The unit signature with a school-level logo combines the official name of an Emory entity stacked over the official name of its larger Emory entity, as seen here.