Unit Logos

An Emory unit signature consists of a primary Emory logo paired with the official name of an Emory entity.

Unit signatures are primary Emory logos that are the official University-sanctioned identity for Emory divisions, departments, institutes, centers, offices, laboratories, programs, and initiatives. 

To have an official logo full set created, please contact emory.branding@emory.edu

University-Level Logo

University-level logos use two logo full-set versions—standard and stacked—and create horizontal, square and vertical logo configurations.


School-Level Department Logo

School-level department logos—like these for the School of Medicine—use two logo configurations and create horizontal, square, and vertical logo configurations for the unit signatures.

School-Level Department and Division Logo

The unit signature with a school-level logo combines the official name of an Emory entity stacked over the official name of its larger Emory entity, as seen here.