Other Trademarks

Our identity system includes additional school-level logos for a number of units including the Emory Alumni Association, Dooley, and Athletics.

Below you can download their wordmarks for print or digital use. Each folder contains horizontal, square, and vertical logos in Emory PMS 280 blue, black, and reverse white. Some logos have two logo configurations and some have three, depending on the name of the unit. Downloads include a .zip-formatted compressed folder structure that includes all available variations, including versions with and without the Emory shield.

Emory Alumni Association


Arts at Emory


Emory Eagles and Swoop

Swoop art is the part of the athletic identity system that provides a sports mascot for Emory audiences. The campus Barnes & Noble bookstore provides a selection of merchandise featuring Swoop and a variety of official athletic marks. The official Swoop art should not be altered, modified, or distorted.

For the other official athletic shield, word mark, varsity or club logos, contact Gregory Smith at gregory.smith@emory.edu. For club sport inquiries contact Ricky Talman at ricky.talman@emory.edu. For the Emory Oxford athletic logos, contact Roderick Stubbs at roderick.stubbs@emory.edu.


The official Dooley art is supplied in black and reverse white. It may be reproduced in a variety of colors for a particular event, program, or audience, but it may not be altered by adding elements or words to it, distorting it, or using only parts of it. The campus Barnes & Noble bookstore provides a selection of merchandise featuring Dooley.

Emory Eye Center


Emory Healthcare

For inquiries about acquiring and using the Emory Healthcare logo, please contact Emory Healthcare Branding at emoryhealthcare.branding@emory.edu.

Libraries and Information Technology

Emory Vaccine Center

Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University

Cancer care at Emory University, The Emory Clinic and Emory Healthcare is delivered through physicians, nurses and other health care professionals at Winship Cancer Institute. When writing about Winship, please use the following wording on first reference: Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University. For inquiries about acquiring and using the Winship logo, please contact Judy Fortin-Lalone, Winship director of communications, at judy.fortin@emory.edu

Yerkes National Primate Research Center


Questions about guidelines?

If you have questions about guidelines for using Emory University logos, logos for schools/units in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center, or Emory Healthcare logos, please contact one of the departments below: