Official Student Organizations

Emory’s student body is the amazing, inspiring, and energized core of the university community. Whether through their academic engagement, volunteer efforts, or creative pursuits, our students get their start transforming the world here. One way Emory students do this is by leading and participating in extracurricular activities.

Governance and Official Student Groups

There are three types of student organizations found here: governance groups, official groups, and unofficial groups. Governance groups are established by the Office of Campus Life in collaboration with the deans of Emory’s undergraduate, graduate and professional schools. Official groups are established by Campus Life, the Office of Student Leadership and Service, and the deans of Emory’s schools. 

Student governance organizations are those that oversee the activities of other student groups (e.g., Student Government Association), or those whose mission involves the entire student body (e.g., Student Programming Council). Here are some of the organizations designated as governance groups by the Office of Student Leadership and Service: Student Government Association (SGA), Graduate Student Government Association, Student Programming Council, College Council, Interfraternity Council, and Intersorority Council. Contact them to learn more.

  • Emory’s brand guidelines for official student organizations offer use of the name Emory and Emory University to governance and official groups in the creation of a logo. The type treatment of the Emory name should be obviously different from the Emory wordmark.
  • Governance and official student logos should not be designed to look like the Emory, Emory University, school-level logos, or unit signatures/logo full sets. The designs should be clearly different.
  • They should not incorporate elements of the university brand such as the shield, torch and trumpet, or the university seal.
  • Integration of Emory, Emory University, school-level, university seal, or other official Emory logos in student organization logos is not supported.
  • Unofficial groups are not to use the words Emory or Emory University or the Emory, school-level logos, or unit signatures/logo full sets.
  • Official student groups may use an Emory or school-level logo on merchandise, but it must be separate from the trademarked logo, i.e., on the sleeve or opposite side of the shirt on which the student organization name or graphic is proposed.

For information on how to become an official student group, contact the Office of Student Leadership and Service.

Note: Intramural sports are unofficial student groups. As such, they are not to use the words Emory or Emory University or the Emory, Emory Athletic, school-level, or unit signature logos.Contact April Flint, director of recreation and wellness, for guidance on Emory University intramural sports and Amanda Yu-Nguyen, director of the Oxford College Center for Healthful Living, for guidance on Emory/Oxford intramural sports


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Student Stationery

There is a template for students’ stationery needs. This template integrates the unit signature configuration of the school-level logos and is printed on sustainable paper. The content includes the student’s name, contact information, school name, and degree program or year of graduation. This student stationery is available through AlphaGraphics in Duluth by contacting them directly at 678.405.4444. Business cards are available through their online ordering system as well.

student stationery examples

Questions about guidelines?

If you have questions about guidelines for using Emory University logos, logos for schools/units in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center, or Emory Healthcare logos, please contact one of the departments below: