Logo Use

The goal of Emory's visual identity system is to expresses a singular representation of Emory and all of its units by using well-established and logically structured guidelines that governs the use of Emory's logo.

All the graphical representations of the University's visual identity as well as the textual representations—including the wordmark Emory—are licensed trademarks. Their use is controlled by the University and protected by applicable laws. All use is at the discretion of the University and its licensing office.

Clear Zones

A general rule for spacing around an Emory logo is to integrate an obvious visual separation—a space around the logo at least equal to the width of the “M” in Emory. The two-line Emory University logo (top) is for community use. The logo should stand alone. Do not add a horizontal or vertical rule, words, or graphics to create a wordmark.

The vertical Emory shield (middle) is for Emory community use. The clear space around the logo should equal the width of the shield. The vertical shield Emory logo with or without the word Emory should stand alone. Do not add a horizontal or vertical rule, words, or graphics to create a wordmark. Use of the shield alone should include the Emory name with Emory-related wording, i.e., Emory Department of Chemistry.

For multi-institutional and merchandise use, there should be a two-"M" width around the two-line Emory University logo (bottom). Do not create a wordmark by adding a horizontal or vertical rule, words, or graphics.

clear zones
clear zones vertical Emory shield
clear zones multi-institutional

Color Usage

Emory logos should not be reproduced in other colors including secondary identity colors. No added effects to the logo, such as drop shadows, outlines or gradients are allowed.

Adding or Changing Elements

Adding text, taglines, messaging, or graphic elements to an Emory, Emory University, school-level, or unit signature is considered altering an official Emory logo and is not supported by the university visual identity system.

Seals and Coat of Arms

The university seal is reserved for use by the president, the Board of Trustees, and in commencement materials. The president’s seal is reserved for the Office of the President. The coat of arms is no longer in use.

Official Student Organizations


If you have questions about guidelines for using Emory logos email, emory.branding@emory.edu