Oxford College Website Redesign

Oxford College Website Redesign

We redesigned the Oxford College website to reflect the new Emory brand as well as a student-centric communications strategy.

Brand Development

Created in collaboration with the Oxford team, the redesigned Oxford website is the first fully realized manifestation of Emory's brand development with our agency partner. The brand pillars are showcases in the dedication to discovery and the empowering environment Oxford creates for its students, who go on to serve humanity in a uniquely Emory way.


The content for the Oxford College website aims to focus on the unique aspects and benefits of an Oxford education—stressing attentive faculty, close relationships among students, and leadership training and opportunities for first- and second-year students—as well as highlight the college's history and place within Emory. The tone is lively, accessible, and friendly, echoing the experiences of prospective and current students as they navigate and discover Oxford College.

Web and Digital Design

We used a flexible design for the site to support a prospective student–centric communications strategy. Visual language elements and photography reinforce elements of Emory's new brand through authentic moments seen differently. The site is designed to support the content strategy of user-first by providing a streamlined information architecture, configurable layouts, and segmented content.

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