Emory University Economic Impact

Emory University Economic Impact

As measured by the Emory University Impact Report, a study commissioned every five years of the university's economic and social impact, Emory provides $9.1 billion in economic impact within the Atlanta region and Georgia, while supporting nearly 64,000 jobs and generating $200 million in state tax revenues.

Bold Impact

The Impact Report shows Emory is an economic engine for Atlanta and Georgia through its annual operations, the wage premium enjoyed for alumni living and working in the region, its capital investments, and ancillary spending by students, patients, and visitors. To communicate the report's findings in a dynamic format, we created an executive summary pdf and a microsite.

Brand Concept Development

By framing Emory's impact "from local engagement to global innovation," the Impact Report explores the strategic pillars of the Emory brand in each of the four report areas: economic impact, community engagement, academic excellence, and research and innovation.


The executive summary pdf of the Impact Report, which is included in the microsite, was crafted to convey the essence of the long report in a more digestible format, using infographics, short copy, and photography. For the microsite, the editorial strategy was similar: keep copy lean, use bold color to differentiate the chapters or sections, and employ sliders to allow readers a quick scroll through the information.

Digital Strategy and Design

The digital version of the Impact Report uses an adaptive flexible design to provide an immersive experience that highlights selected elements from the full report. The site leads the user through the narrative, allowing opportunities to engage with the content while providing a streamlined information flow. We used visual language elements and photography to reinforce elements of the brand, emphasizing the ways Emory boldly addresses challenging and complicated questions in the service of humanity.

Emory University Impact Report