Editorial Services

We know that strong, effective messaging is the cornerstone of promoting your area successfully.

With skill, imagination, and originality as well as editorial accuracy, our writers will bring new power to your message. And, we excel at working with our creative colleagues to wed content to visual approach. We’ll tell your stories in ways that inform and inspire, so your message is heard loud and clear.

Prepare to Work with Us

Gather content

Pull together either your copy or an outline for us to follow as we write.

Define your audience

Who is this piece for?

Choose your call to action

What do you want your reader to do? How should they feel?

Check out the competition

Are there samples of this sort of work being done well by someone else?

Identify barriers

Who are your competitors? What barriers to engagement have you had?

Plan your visuals

How will visuals reinforce your messaging?

Our Team

We’d love to hear about your project

Contact Susan Carini at susan.carini@emory.edu or 404-727-7816.

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